Infinity Aqua Drops Tint Kit

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Infinity Aqua Drops Tint Kit

The Infinity Hybrid Aqua Drops are a liquid brow stain that offer long lasting results and work by staining the skin as well as the brow hairs to create a deeper, more realistic result.

This HENNA FREE formula is in liquid form and actually rebuilds and treats the hair as it tints.  This formulation is a liquid tint for eyebrows only and is a brow and skin staining product. It features a much quicker process than our original Brow Henna line and has a very light viscosity, which gives the ability to help stain the skin a little more, along with the PPD percentages.

This kit contains everything you need to get started with Infinity Aqua Drops: 
  • Nemesis - Black Tint
  • Electra - Dark Brown Tint
  • Apollo - Medium Brown Tint
  • Aphrodite - Light Brown Tint
  • Selene - Blonde Tint
  • Zeus - Cool Toner Tint
  • Ares - Red Tint
  • Tint Oxidizer 30ml


  • Available in 7 shades: Black, Red, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Lightest Brown, Cool Toner and Blonde
  • Requires a 3% Oxidizer
  • 10-day stain on skin
  • 6 weeks tint on hair
  • 45 treatments per tube
  • 24 month shelf life
  • 15ml
  • Vegan
  • Animal cruelty free

HOW TO USE - Standalone Tint Treatment

  1. Mix with Oxidizer in a 3:1 ratio - 3 drops to 1 drop of the developer (Oxidizer) for deepest stain effect.
  2. Apply with a brush in thin layers.
  3. Allow each layer to dry before applying the next layer.
  4. Apply 2 layers minimum, and up to 3+ layers is preferable for even saturation.
  5. Let sit for up to 15 minutes for a standalone treatment.

HOW TO USE - Post Lamination

  1. Mix with Oxidizer in a 3:1 ratio - 3 drops to 1 drop of the developer (Oxidizer) for deepest stain effect.
  2. Outline the bottom of the line of the brow and allow to sit for a few minutes to get the deep stain at the base of the brow. Then fluff the drops into the brow so the hair doesn't take too dark.


  1. Always wear gloves when working with Aqua Drops to prevent skin stain on hands.
  2. Do not mix in metal containers or with metal spatulas.
  3. Nemesis (Black) will appear dark immediately after removal of aqua drops.
  4. Ares (Red) is perfect for warming any color or for creating a beautiful red/auburn.
  5. All Aqua Drops colors are intermixable with each other, but NOT mixable with the Infinity Luxe Cream line
  6. Aqua Drops is a Brow-specific product
  7. For lash tint, we recommend the Belmacil Tint

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